Negative and positive pressure therapy for excellent woundcare

Technological Advancement in Wound Care

Specifically designed for use in modern wound care, the dermaPACETM is a new, leading-edge device that is applied in difficult to treat wounds. The dermaPACE is based on new Pulsed Acoustic Cellular Expression technology that provides an effective solution for treating a variety of wound conditions. High energy acoustic pressure waves elicit a cellular response that initiates healing in acute and chronic wounds.DermaPACE is a new innovative technique, especially designed for use in modern wound care.  By means of use of high energetic acoustic pressure wave at the cellular level, regeneration will occur so that the acute or chronic wound can heal fast.

Based on astonishing research results, the effects of pulsed acoustic waves on wounds have been studied more recently. It is suggested that the signals trigger the release of protein specific to wound healing.

Various clinical studies show promising closing rates and success in the following standard indications:

• Diabetic ulcers

• Arterial ulcers

• Deep partial thickness burns

• Decubitus ulcers

• Posttraumatic wounds

• Postoperative wound healing defects


Designed for Wound Care

• Superficial application of PACETM technology for a virtually pain-free treatment

• Device-specific sterile cover and accessories for protection of patients and medical personnel

• Integrated treatment protocol for optimal settings

Ease of Use

• Anesthesia-free application for convenient in-office treatments

• Intuitive user interface toguarantee a short learning curve

• Increased pulse rate (480 pulses/minute) for efficient treatment of large wound area (~ 2 minutes)

Cost Effective

• Dramatic wound closing rates after just a few treatments to equally benefit patients, wound care specialists, and health care providers

• Efficient treatment regime that allows for seamless integration into current wound care protocol